Ryu ga Gotoku 3 , Yakuza 3 Released in Japan


Today in Japan, Yakuza 3 has been released to the public.  Many gamers who’ve played the previous iterations, mention the smoothness and great story.  There’s no doubt that Yakuza 3 will be a success, our only question here in the western world is, When?  When will we see Yakuza 3?

The promotion for Yakuza 3 in Japan has NOT been quiet.  All day, retailers saw gamers flock to their shops, in a panic for Yakuza 3.  Will this title elevate the PS3 in Japan? As part of their cross-world promotions, many of the shops and restaurant featured in the Yakuza 3 game, Don Quixoti and Matsuya, are in fact real stores.  So Sega Japan marketed Yakuza 3 in the real world versions of those shops.  For now, no official word has been made on Yakuza 3 making it to the US.  But speculation says, it may only be an eastern world game.  Come on Sega, make it happen!


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