Saints Row 2: 1st peek at Teaser Trailer

You may have hard that Saints Row 2 has made an announcement stating that “They will compete with GTA IV”. With all the hype that GTA IV has right now it will be difficult to come close to competing. What they can hope for, is a release date a good time away from April 29th. But with GTA IV having over 80 hours of gameplay, not to mention side missions and a multiplayer Saints Row 2 has their work cut out for them.

Since no real game video is shown, this teaser qualifies as a teaser audio trailer. I’m hoping to pick myself up a copy of Saints Row 2 since it did so well on Xbox 360. But then again, I love these types of games: GTA series and Godfather.

Via Gamespot

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One response to “Saints Row 2: 1st peek at Teaser Trailer”

  1. kezins says:

    The first Saint’s Row was cool, but I did lose interest after a few days. I guess it didn’t have anything extra to offer. I’d rather play GTA on my PS2 than Saint’s Row on my 360 and something is wrong with that picture. I also loved the Godfather. I really wish they would make a sequel.

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