‘Saints Row 2’ Circuit City Deal, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 – $51 + $10 Giftcard

On October 14th, Saints Row 2 hits the store shelves for PS3 and 360.  Here’s a ‘15% off’ bailout plan for you.

Circuit City is currently offering Saints Row 2 for $59.99 + $10 Giftcard.  Kezins.com has a bailout plan.  Circuit City is running their promotional “15% off Friends and Family” sale Oct 12 – Oct 14 which means once you apply the coupon below, you too could be pimpin the game for the price of $51 + $10 Giftcard.

Check out the coupon below:

Click Here to download the PDF. The 15% coupon is good for other PS3 and 360 games.  Other promotions are also available.  Check out the pdf.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. you cant stack promotions i werk at ccity baby

  2. i’ve stacked promotions at CC before. Are you trying to say that you can’t do this on their website?

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