Saints Row 2 Video Starring Obama and McCain

Saints Row 2 is the follow-up to the GTA styled sanbox-styled Action Adventure game.  Our future political leaders even have a home in Saints Row 2!

Prior talks on the first Saints Row porting over to the PS3 broke down earlier this year. Speculation was due to Saints Row 2’s (SR2) development on both X360 and PS3. I know many say that SR2 has similarities to Grand Theft Auto, and they’re right. But Saints Row 2 is looking to push the envelope a tad more. Could be good, could be very good. I think putting John McCain and Barrack Obama will create controversy. Their actions in the game will be magnified, and I hope they don’t make them do anything too crazy. I guess we’ll see come October 14th.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Feels like an easy publicity grab, but it looks like a good game.

  2. You’re right about that somewhat. McCain looks like the slow and steady thug.

  3. McCain is a slow and steady thug in real life, so it works.

  4. Oh, man… when I started seeing all the promos featuring Tera Patrick I had an eye roll moment or three, but the Obama/McCain characters could make for some pretty interesting YouTube videos. Wonder how much controversy those will cause…

  5. @ The Game Dame
    This game will be released before the elections. Expect one of the camps to blow this game up and use it as a crutch. The in-game McCain looks like Dick Cheney, and Obama looks like a dark George Bush. I wonder if this game was rendered after…

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