5 responses to “Saints Row 2 Video Starring Obama and McCain”

  1. somewhat

    Feels like an easy publicity grab, but it looks like a good game.

  2. Juan Perez

    You’re right about that somewhat. McCain looks like the slow and steady thug.

  3. Will Snizek

    McCain is a slow and steady thug in real life, so it works.

  4. The Game Dame

    Oh, man… when I started seeing all the promos featuring Tera Patrick I had an eye roll moment or three, but the Obama/McCain characters could make for some pretty interesting YouTube videos. Wonder how much controversy those will cause…

  5. Juan Perez

    @ The Game Dame
    This game will be released before the elections. Expect one of the camps to blow this game up and use it as a crutch. The in-game McCain looks like Dick Cheney, and Obama looks like a dark George Bush. I wonder if this game was rendered after…

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