‘Savage Moon’ Coming to PlayStation 3 via PSN

Tower defense on the moon, who’d have thunk it?  PlayStation Network defends against Moon creatures with ‘Savage Moon’.

Savage MoonIt seems like the folks over at Sony are testing our strategic gaming ways, with another tower defense PlayStation Network title.  You guys might recall a previous title on the PSN, Pixel Junk Monsters, well Savage Moon has you defending a remote mining location located on “Imoon” from attack waves made by different enemy creatures, known as Insectocytes, who are trying to wipe out the facility.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)
Developer: FluffyLogic
Platform: PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) via PLAYSTATION®Network
Genre: Action-strategy
Players: Single-player Gameplay
Release: November 2008

Many are calling Savage Moon a mix between Starcraft and Pixel Junk Monsters.  I had to use a PSN example, jeez, don’t shoot the messenger.  More screens below, you heathens:

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