Show Your ‘Call of Duty: World at War’ Stats

After yesterday’s Kezcast, I thought about informing you Call of Duty enthusiasts how to link your X360 or PS3 accounts with to compare and criticize each others stats.

First things first, be sure to go here and register yourself on  Then get your webstats code from your Call of Duty game.  Finally link the info onto  How to?  Follow the instructions below:


It’s about time we unveil a well-kept secret we’ve been working on for all you stats junkies – your CoD:WW Dossier!

This is a new tab of your profile here at which syndicates your in-game data in real-time to all the world here on COD HQ! Weapon stats, match outcomes, leaderboards, kill heatmaps – virtually any stat you could want, we’ve got! You can even compare your stats side-by-side with any friend on COD HQ who has linked his account for stats, or compare your stats against the community average.

We’re so happy to bring this to both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 users, and to finally reveal it to the community. We hope you enjoy it!

How do I view these stats?

  1. In the game, go to the “Multiplayer” Menu
  2. Choose Play Online (PS3) or Xbox Live (Xbox 360)
  3. Choose “Barracks”
  4. Choose “Web Stats”
  5. Write down your unique web stats code and visit
  6. Log into your account
    If you don’t have an account you can register here.
  7. Once you’ve logged in, click “My Account”
  8. Click on the “Link Account” tab
  9. Select your Platform
  10. Enter your Gamer ID (Gamertag or PSN ID)
  11. Enter your web stats code from step #5
  12. Go to your profile page and select “COD: WW DOSSIER”


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8 responses to “Show Your ‘Call of Duty: World at War’ Stats”

  1. Aaron says:

    I was gonna sign up but I nearly forgot how bad I get owned in these games. I’m more of target practice or an increase in your death:kill ratio.

  2. Will Snizek says:

    eh…K/D ratio isn’t everything. I hear people bragging about their General rank and K/D ratio in Halo 3 all the time. Most of these people have low win % though.

  3. Juan Perez says:

    @ Aaron, I hear ya. That’s why I get 7 quick kills, then let my dogs do all the dirty work as I sip on my tea. Right Carlos?

    @ Will, True but you can’t control your wins if you play Team Death match with strangers. K/D you can 😉

  4. Aaron says:

    Oh Juan, you made a Kezcast reference funny!

  5. Juan Perez says:

    @ Aaron was it the 7 quick kills or the shout out? lol

  6. Aaron says:

    The 7 quick kills so you can sip your tea. It’s funny cuz I’m actually listening to you guys right now and you guys just finished saying it, then you posted it.

  7. Oh, yes…sippin’ on tea :0

  8. Marti says:

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