SingStar: The Beatles Rock Band is Real

Singstar Beatles Rock Band

Are you ready for a Frankenstein product?  Well, last month there were reports of a Beatles Singstar making it’s way to the PS3.  Since then we’ve learned those were just rumors (or rumours for you UK fans 😉 ).  So we were given SingStar: Queen instead.  Good game, just hard to match the talents of Freddy Mercury.  Until Now!  The Beatles Rock Band by MTV Games and Harmonix  is coming via SingStar and the image above proves it.  Packaged within the bundles includes 2 wired mics and a copy of The Beatles Rock Band all with the SingStar logo ontop.

We still have many questions unaswered:

  1. Why are both Rock Band and SingStar publishing this title?
  2. Will the “Dreamscapes” or music videos be used in SingStar?
  3. Will Pete Best finally get his own game?

All these questions and no answers… yet.  We”l keep you posted.

SingStar: The Beatles Rock Band is due for release in late September.  Currently no official word yet on which region it will be released for.

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One response to “SingStar: The Beatles Rock Band is Real”

  1. David Fell says:

    This looks to me like a copy of the regular Beatles Rock Band game for PS 3 bundled with two Singstar mics. Nothing more.

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