Singularity Updates Us

MIR-12 was founded in an effort to search for the Truth that Russia has kept hidden from the world for decades.

Many men, and now Natasha, have been killed because they knew only pieces of the information contained in this video. I urge you to watch it now, it will open your eyes to the Truth that Russian officials would rather you never know. While it begins to shed light on the lies we are uncovering, it is only the beginning.

The story revolves around an unnamed island where Russian experiments took place during the height of the Cold War era. At points during the games, locales will undergo a shift in time where the area is either reversed or moved forward through time. Ruined buildings will become new structures featuring Russian political decorations, and one level involving a battleship makes use of this, as the player will enter in the 1950’s period and then try to escape in mid-battle while it crumbles around them after one of the aforementioned shifts occur.

Can someone explain what the hell I just watched?


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