‘SIREN: Blood Curse’ Pricing Explained

Being released today on the PSN, SIREN: Blood Curse is the first survival horror game that we’re very excited, yet scared, to play (oooo, scary). So, we’re going to clear up all the confusion on How to get it, Where to get it, How much and When.

How to get it: Just head to the PLAYSTATION Store on your PS3 and go to the Siren category page. There should be banners up, and it should also be found in the “new releases” section.

Where to get it: Currently only the PlayStation Network, read above ^.

How much: 4 Episode Bundles – $14.99 or $39.99 for the full game

Now, the game is split into 12 easily digestible chunks, like episodes of a TV series. You’ll be able to purchase the game in three separate packs, consisting of 4 episodes each. These will run at $14.99 per 4-episode bundle. Or, right off the bat, you can purchase the full game for a nice discount at only $39.99. This is all available only through the PS Store. Remember, this is a full-length game, much larger in scale than most of the downloadable games available on the store. It’s on par with full-scale Blu-ray disc releases, and is all part of our effort to expand our selection of game content on the store.

When: TODAY!

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