Six Days in Fallujah, Just Like Being There… without the sand

We’re pretty excited for ‘Six Days in Fallujah”, and we’ve been singing some tunes here at the PerezStart Familia Dinner Table. “Hallelujah for Six Days in Fallalujah” and other songs during the Easter Break will be heard echoed through our halls.  Jealous?  Go tune your bike as our voices are amongst the best in the gaming industry!

Konami will try to recreate as much of the warfield realism as possible.  6 Days have gathered many Marine’s experiences while in battle and will incorporate them into this game.  For one, he describes how you don’t ever enter through the front door during a mission to “exterminate” the enemy.  In “Six Days” you’ll be able to break down walls and enter buidling via alternate methods.  Very Cool.  Want the word from the butchers mouth, go to the meat market.

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