Sony and Esc-Toy Announce Uncharted 2’s Nathan Drake Vinyl Figure

drake1Just announced Esc-Toy and Sony bring the ever so popular Nathan Drake into 3-D format, of course I mean vinyl. The Nathan Drake figure is set to come out this Fall, and hopefully will coincide with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves October 13,2009 release.

This bad ass figure is coming in four different variations: Original Drake, Electric Drake, Nite Time Drake and Naughty Dog Exclusive. As with all of Erick Scarecrow’s customs, they will be limited edition items. Only 2,500 pieces will be available worldwide. Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am about this news.  I am truly excited that our friends over at Esc-Toy have made such a great partnership with Sony! May this be the first of many future endeavors and accomplishments! I raise my glass to you!

After the jump see the rest of Drake’s variations.


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