Sony Teases Us With 13 Minute God of War 3 Gameplay Footage

God of War 3

God of War 3 is probably one of, if not, THE most anticipated title to be released this year.  After the jaw-dropping gameplay demo that was shown at this year’s E3, fans of the series were rightfully crying out for more God of War 3 goodness.

That’s where our friends at G4TV come in.  Just like you, they wanted to see more of God of War 3, and they got exactly what they wanted.  In fact, they recorded 13 minutes of gameplay footage directly from the game.  If you thought Kratos was bad-ass in the the E3 demo, then you might want to have a change of underwear ready after you see this new video clip.

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2 responses to “Sony Teases Us With 13 Minute God of War 3 Gameplay Footage”

  1. knight28 says:

    just keeps getting better and better. Gotta love blu-ray. This is why Kratos is one of the top 5 characters to date.

  2. omar says:

    I need this game

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