Star Wars Day: Must-do List for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

LucasArts’ developer’s have their own ‘Trophy List’, of things you must do in today’s release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

When playing any Star Wars game I’ve always tried to push the limit. How far can I jump, how many people can I kill with one swipe of my lightsaber and can I play the game with my custom chewbacca mask? Two out of three ain’t bad. So I guess since SW: TFU will not support OFFICIAL PS3 Trophies compared to the X60’s Achievements, the devs decided to give us a list. A must-do list I might add.  Without further ado, here’s what  “The Force Unleashed” producer Julio Torres suggests you must do when you play the game:

LucasArts Developers’ Must-Do List For Players of
“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”
(Multi-platform Action Adventure, September 2008)

Kashyyyk Prologue
When you get to a wooden bridge do a “charged force push” against the construction by holding down and letting go of the B button and watch the fur and wood fly!

Tie Factory Construction Facility
When you get to the hangar work your way across the first walk way to find a good boost!

(SPOILER WARNING – The rest of Torres’ list contains the names of each of the game’s levels, the last of which is a big spoiler.)

Raxus Prime
Beware of the toxic sludge, but if you can find a way around keep your eyes peeled for a nice reward.

Felucia I
Keep your eyes out for the carnivorous plants that grow in the large rancor grove; they’re normally quite docile until they’re provoked into attacking following an electric shock!

Empirical Lab

Try smashing corridor windows with a well aimed barrel or force push and watch as enemies are sucked into the cold, depths of space.

Cloud City
Be sure to keep a look out for carbonite hoses and barrels. If used correctly, this extremely dangerous substance will freeze your foes in their tracks!

Kashyyyk 2
Ozzik Sturn’s trophy room has become the final resting place for many of the galaxy’s big game. Be sure to check out all of the trophies and perhaps you can spot the Kowakian monkey-lizard, presumably a cousin of Jabba’s jester, Salacious Crumb.

Felucia 2
Disgusting Sarlacc blisters are a real turn off except when you throw an unsuspecting enemy into one!

Raxus 2
Jawas can be found scavenging the junk piles of Raxus. If one gets too close you can give him the boot with a close quarters grapple by pressing the saber attack and jump buttons simultaneously.

Death Star
Be sure to avoid the Death Star’s lasers, but don’t hesitate to use this deadly weapon to your advantage by using Force Grip to dangle enemies in its path once you’ve reached the firing tubes.

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