Star Wars Day: When was being so Evil so Good…

The Force Unleashed is being released today, but many people do not realize that you are working for the Dark Side.

One of the first Star Wars game that sets you as a villan is The Force Unleashed. My first experience as a follower of ‘The Dark Side’ in Star Warss’ Galaxy was KOTOR. Big difference. Knight of the Old Republic gave you the option to follow a path. Light Side or Dark Side. SW:TFU takes place between Star Wars Episode III and Star Wars: A New Hope.

Here’s the selling point for those in the know. You work for the Sith Lord Darth Vader as his Secret Apprentice. Your main mission is to destroy all the remaing Jedi. Along the way, you’ll have to destroy Rebels and Imperial Forces. How you gonna do that, the Dark Side of the Force. Or the More Powerful, I should say of the two. Picking up enemies, striking them with lighting or using your Force Push do a good job of getting rid of those pesky foes. It’s got to be the good life working for Vader, Right?

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