Street Fighter IV World Champion Announced, Daigo Umehara

This weekend’s tournament held at the PerezStart branch location did not have nearly as many viewers as the Official Capcom / GameStop Tournament in San Francisco California.  Playing as Ryu, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara defeated US National Champion playing as Rufus, Justin Wong for the International Title.  Check out the video below, for the International competition as Daigo shuts the door on Wong.

Many legendary adversaries atended the Street Fighter IV US Nationals event, such as; Mike Ross (E.Honda), Antawn Ortiz (Balrog) and Jason “A-Dhalsim” Cole (Balrog).  But in the internationals, Wong faced Daigo and Korean champ Poongko (as Ryu) and Japan’s Iyo (Dhalism). The four dueled round-robin style, with Daigo prevailing in a shutout.  Good Show Daigo, see you online!

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