6 responses to “Summer Olympics: Beijing 2008”

  1. Anna Peterson

    While you’re playing Summer Olympics: Beijing 2008, the rest of the world will be playing Sonic and Mario at the Olympics.

  2. Will Snizek

    lol. Either way there will probably be more people playing Olympics video games than actually watching the Olympics on television.

  3. Carlos Macias

    Really, Juan?

    I’ll be playing Soulcalibur 4 :)

  4. Juan Perez

    Well, I figure someone has to support the Olympics. I’ll start a clan, ‘Red-rum’ and like the Poltergeist Lady once said “All Are Welcome.”

  5. Carlos Macias


  6. Will Snizek

    the thing about Olympics-based video games is that they aren’t very realistic. They don’t give you the option to juice your athletes. I guess cheating is why I stopped caring about the games…

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