Super Street Fighter IV Comparison Screenshots, PS3 vs 360

SSFIV PS3 vs 360

Super Street Fighter IV’s 3D graphics are blended perfectly with the 2D fighting style we all have grown to love through the series. But if you’re deciding on which console you should purchase Super Street Fighter IV, maybe these screenshots will encourage you to choose wisely.

One thing I immediately noticed were the colors for the PS3 compared to the 360 were more vibrant. But while the vibrancy did stand out so did the jagged edges too. The below pics were taken on the same setup. That means the TV and hardware connecting the devices were the same and only the console was different. So let’s put that aside and now let’s look at the screenshots below:

Above, look at the hair on Guy’s forehead. On the PS3 version you can see the hair is not smooth looking. On the other hand the hair does look very smooth on the 360. But notice the reds on Guy’s gui. Looks like someone forgot to add ALL laundry detergent. The clothes seem faded and appear to have a greyish hue.

Now in the above picture T. Hawk’s pants almost look indigo. Looking at brilliance, the pics look to be more colorful over the 360. But again look at Hagan’s feet. You can see where the jagged edges are prominent on the PS3 and smooth on the 360. The rest of the pics pretty much show the same type of differences. Bold but jagged edges for the PS3 and less brilliant but smooth edges for the 360. All in all, I plan on getting Super Street Fighter IV on the 360 due to my family and friends.

PS3 Pros
– PS3 D-pad
– Ability to connect SF2 Arcade sticks thru USB

PS3 Cons
– Runs at 720p
– Jagged edges
– Load times were 20 seconds (w/ 2gb install dropped to 8 seconds)

360 Pros
– Runs at 1080p (upscaled)
– Smoother graphics
– Load times were 8 seconds

360 Cons
– Less vibrant colors
– Subpar D-pad


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4 responses to “Super Street Fighter IV Comparison Screenshots, PS3 vs 360”

  1. bubble says:

    xbox 360 pics are very clear

  2. dui says:

    The price of fame, we can not escape version of “Super”, introduced as the last step in the game already entered the pantheon of comeback’s most notorious video game. Get to know more on

  3. Mark says:

    What Idiotic nonsense is this?

    The Xbox version is 1080P UPSCALED! The PS3 version is 720P Native, and will hardware upscale to 1080P to if you want it to..

    The native resolution of the XBox version is 640p (i.e. Lower than the PS3 version).

    Seems like either someone has an agenda, or does not know what they are talking about.

  4. Mike says:

    Add to that, the screenshots have almost no difference in color, contrary to the author’s assertion.

    “Looks like someone forgot to add ALL laundry detergent. The clothes seem faded and appear to have a greyish hue.” No, it looks like someone forgot to correct for gamma adjustment.

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