Tera Patrick No Saint, Saints Row 2

tera-patrick1Guess who’ll be riding shotgun, in the upcoming DLC for Saints Row 2?  Yup, Adult Film Star Tera Patrick will be accompanying you on missions sitting passenger.  And she wont be a dumb bimbo in the game either, she’s actually a microbiologist in the game. Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed, the DLC features three new missions, new vehicles, multiplayer maps and of course, Tera Patrick. Developer James Torbit explains, “As a homie, you can call Tera up and she’ll ride shotgun in any of the Saints Row 2 gameplay, and that’s part of the fun.”

So come April 16th, be sure to pick up this chick and ride her wherever you want. I tried cleaing up the last sentence. (You should have see the original draft :p)


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