The Answer To PSN Error 8001050F, Leap Year

Leap Year

Do you know what today’s date is? Yup, it’s March 1st, 2010. Do you know what the PSN date is? Apparently, it thinks it’s February 29th, 2010… LEAP YEAR. That’s right, Leap Year is what caused this massive network downtime for most PS3 customers. The PS3 thinks Leap Year is every two years. Unfortunatley, this issue is related only to hardware since the PS3 Slims
aren’t reporting any issues (newest PS3 model). The internal clock thinks it’s Feb. 29th, while the OS clock does not have the date 02/29/10 available since it doesn’t exist. This is causing the older model PS3’s back to 12/31/99. For those wondering, this issue did not happen in 2008, because it was a leap year then. Look out 2012.. the end of the world and PSN Leap Year!

This issue is preventing any PS3 games to played on their currently “bricked” systems. For now, if you haven’t turned on your PS3, Don’t! You run the risk of corrupting data saves, PSN purchases including videos, games etc. and PS3 trophies.

Some major programming issues to the PS3 caused this issue and needs to be patched through firmware. But the problem will not be fixed by today. Today doesn’t exist! Stay tuned for more news. If the option to connect and patch exists, we’ll be sure to inform you how.

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  2. Alex says:

    Well….. it’s fixed, and you guys don’t have anything about it….?

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