The Cast of Tekken 6, Artwork Pics

Tekken’s New Chicks Looking My-T-Fine.

christiana tekken 6 The Cast of Tekken 6, Artwork Pics

Namco Bandai’s upcoming Fighter game, Tekken 6 will hits stores later this year.  The screens below will show you 20 characters, many of those from previous Tekkens.  Panda is back.  King looks more ferocious.  And Wang is still old!  As in old we mean wiser, of course.  The real set of winners’ in this set are the Tekken Women.  Although they’re artwork pics, my brain didn’t notice!

Available for the X360 and PS3 in Japan now, this hot title won’t be released in the US until the fourth quarter of 2009.  Not sure why the big gap, but it should be worth the wait.  Screens below:

pixel The Cast of Tekken 6, Artwork Pics

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  1. babylinda

    I vote Christie the hottest!

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