The Joker Playable in Batman: Arkham Asylum!


Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who’s afraid of a big, black bat?” Oh wait, that was The Riddler’s catch-phrase.  “CHILLLLLL!” Crap! Wrong again. I should have guessed that was Dr. Freeze’s. “Quack quack quack”  Wow. I am terrible at this catchphrase thing.

Anyways, onto the subject at hand. Warner Bros. Interactive revealed today that PS3 owners will receive a special treat. That treat being the ability to play as The Joker himself in the game’s Challenge maps. The add-on will be free of charge and will be available in time for the game’s release.

No word as of yet if there will be a special surprise in store for Xbox 360 owners of the game, but this is definitely something that has me swaying to pick up a PS3 version of the game. Batman: Arkham Asylum is slated for a June 2009 release.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Finally got it!

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  1. I hope the xbox has a just as good surprise in store when this game comes out

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