Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Cards. Love, Super Street Fighter IV…


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  On Sunday, February 14th you’ll want to present a form of “appreciation” towards that special someone.  Capcom has you hooked up.  Brought to us through these special V-Day postcards, show that significant other that you do care.  Maybe you’ve only been dating, maybe you’re seriously in love.  Well, I’ll show you which cards should be presented depending on which “base” your on.

First Base Valentine’s Day Card:

When you first meet that special someone you may not want to show that much affection right away for fear of them rejecting your “shooter” look with matching index finger and thumb.  That cheezy “click” you make with the side of your mouth has to go too.

Second Base Valentine’s Day Card:

So you’ve made it here.  Nice.  Now it’s time to tell that person how you feel.  Stay balanced my friend.  And watch out for that… you idiot!

Third Base Valentine’s Day Card:

At this stage, if you passed the sobriety test and you were “NOT” the father you’re that much closer to home plate.  Just don’t blow it, we’re only 90 feet away.

Home Plate Valentine’s Day Card:

Yesss, you made it.  Home Plate sucka.  Call it what you want; Horizontal, Scissors, or Twister are all forms of love to me.  Be sure to cut out this card on color paper and present this “Horizontal” card while “Vertically” correct and put away that Paper Mache crap, get me?

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