Tiger Woods Comeback in PGA Tour ’10

tiger woods pga 10 500x281 Tiger Woods Comeback in PGA Tour 10

What, another Tiger Woods game!!! Yes, Tiger woods PGA Tour ’10 is on its way. I was more intrigued to see the title with the year listed since I thought saying the word “O” before the number was cool. You know, NBA “O” 9 sounds better that NBA Ten, meh… Anyhow, I just found out the official release date is June 16th, and a demo will be released in May. Fans are going to feel the emotion and drama of real life game play.

tiger woods pga 10 pitch 500x281 Tiger Woods Comeback in PGA Tour 10Now you can play the U.S. Open, which is a USGA tournament. That has never been done. EA sport has only kept it PGA tournaments involved with this game. Now they are broadening the field. With the Dynamic weather it will involve real time weather to make a major effect on the game play. Not like it used to be raining the entire round.  Sweet! I wonder if real life diarrhea would also make an impact on the in-game swing.   Bethpage Black here we come.

pixel Tiger Woods Comeback in PGA Tour 10

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