Tiger Woods PGA ’10 Demo Out Now…


I’m still trying to convince myself of the title for Tiger Wood PGA O-Ten.  Sounds horrid.  But then again, it’s like the Y2K thing.  Did they not expect the franchise to make it to 2010?  Poor naming convention if you ask me.  But enough of the name, the Demo for TW PGA two thousand ten is out now on the PSN and XBLive.  It’s a whopping 1.68 GB, so make sure you guys have enough Hard drive.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a Demo for the Wii.  That’s a shame really, with all the talk of how it’s been improved and the new Wii Motion Plus control system will make Tiger Woods PGA 10 worth it on the Wii.  For those watch the calendar, expect this title to hit store shelves on June 8th.

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