Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 release date announced!!

There’s good news and better news.  Tiger Woods announced that he will make his Golf debut in April.  He will compete in 2010’s Masters Tournament.  In other news, EA sports has now announced the release date for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is June 8,2010. Now they have upped the ante with the Ryder Cup. Get ready USA, Europe is coming to take the title. See if you have the skill to make the Ryder Cup team and lead your team to the win. Rory Mcilroy will lead Europe to try and take back the title from the US. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Cup will be played at the Celtic Manor. A course designed originally for the Ryder Cup.

Now the cover for the first time, will not just have Tiger on it. He will be partnered with Europe’s own Rory Mcilroy. A nice touch by EA sports, to have someone other than the star player. Rumor has it that there are a couple of perks. Hit the pin on the second shot of a par 4 and the ” Pole dancer mistress” trophy. Get a whole in one and you unlock the ” A ho in one” trophy.

All jokes aside Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 has stepped up their “A” game with better graphics, new Wii controls, and harder gameplay.  You can be sure this guy will be picking up a copy for the PS3.

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  1. I’ll have a go with the beta for the pc. I don’t think I’ll play it though when it is live. Sounds like something that could end up costing a fortune in the end. Very suspicious. I’ll check it out later when I get home from work anyway.

  2. I can’t wait for this game,I love golf and am there to support Tiger woods.I wish you all the best.

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