14 responses to “Tim Tebow Added to Madden NFL 11 via Denver Broncos”

  1. Shopmaster

    Just to clear up some confusion, EA has always put guys in the cover of NCAA Football who are going pro the same year Tebow is no exception. Look back at all the previous NCAA Football Covers, they all went pro the year they were on the cover. In fact EA can’t put anyone who is still in college on the cover, it’s against NCAA rules.

    Justthought him being on the cover because he is a Morman is hilarious.

  2. tebowlover

    tim isnt a morman. get your facts straight. actually, i know where he goes to church. He goes to First Baptist Church of Jacksonville. I know some members of his family and one of my closest friends goes there and see’s him there when he’s at home in jacksonville.

  3. Howard

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Tim Tebow is on the cover because he no longer in college and like shopmaste said they don’t allow current college players to be on the cover. He is also on it because when he was in college he was pretty good, heisman quality good. The moron that wrote this turd is trying, hopelessly to link his religious beliefs to him being on a cover, rather than doing some research.

  4. Madden Loyal

    Wow way to research your material. This has been the trend every year as the others above wrote as well. Just pathetic.

  5. Blaze

    the reason Brian Johnson was not playable on Madden bc he was in the UFL! But the other 3 cover athletes were on madden. the guy you replied to was correct bc he this has been the trend. If you get DRAFTED like TEBOW did you are playable on Madden. He is not the first cover athlete on NCAA that is playable on Madden the same year.

  6. holyblaze86

    Hey writer, Tim Tebow is NOT MORMAN. He is Baptist. He is a member of First Baptist of Jacksonville

  7. OVER 9000

    Crabtree wasn’t playable because he didn’t sign a contract. If Tebow fails to sign, he won’t be playable, either, unless they put him in as “QB#15.” Jared Zabransky was on the cover of ’08, because he didn’t get drafted. I’m so tired of all the haters out there who can’t stand Tebow because he’s a Christian. These are the same douchebags that sport Pittsburgh’s #7 rapist jerseys on Sundays. Idiots.

  8. OVER 9000

    Correction: Zabransky was on the cover, but he didn’t PLAY in the NFL is what I meant to type.

  9. Julie

    Sorry. Tebow is not Morman. He belongs to First Baptist Church Jacksonville.

  10. Nate

    Your a fucking idiot.

  11. Twister


    Dude. Michael Crabtree held out last season for a higher contract, so he didn’t play in his first 6 NFL games. Once he signed his rookie contract with the 49ers, EA added him to the Madden Roster. He was available to play with all along, but he wasnt considered a starter in the game because he was technically not signed with the 49ers. Once Tebow signs his contract, we will be able to play with him.

  12. Kezins

    Tebow is probably the most over-rated QB drafted in several years. He should have been a 3rd round pick and converted to another position. He simply does not have the skills to be a winning QB in the NFL. I think he might have made a damn good TE though.

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