Today is Officially GTA IV Day!

[Pee-wee has been picked up by a trucker]
Pee-wee: Some night, huh?
Large Marge: On this very night, ten years ago, along this very stretch of road in a dense fog just like this. I saw the worst accident I ever seen. There was this sound, like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building… And when they pulled the driver’s body from the twisted, burning wreck. It looked like this…

Pee-wee: Aaaaaahh!
Large Marge: Yes, Sir, the worst accident I ever seen.

It was a night, just like tonight...

This is where Large Marge dropped me off… In front of GameStop in Hackensack, NJ

GOOD MORNING for those of you tired folks out there who couldn’t stay in line with the rest of the dedicated geeks for Grand Theft Auto 4 Day!. Our very own mrjuandrful was mixing and mingling with all the pimple popping, glasses with scotch tape in the middle wearing, bed head dorks. All in all, the release went quite well here in Hackensack, NJ. Of course there were PS3 and 360 fanboys predicting that their respective console would outsell the other. Nerds chatting with other nerds about Gears of War 2 and the terribleness which is Turok. And your average looking 14 year old waiting for their very own copy. I took snippets of the non catered event to show you the type of people who would wait in line for GTA IV.

So after my 90 minute wait, I finally arrived home with my non SE GTA 4. Those jerks wouldn’t let me upgrade. For those who don’t have the game yet, expect a 5 minute install time before you play, plus an additional 15 minutes of video before you pick up your PS3 controller…

After only a short hour of playing, I can tell you that the graphics look amazing. You can clearly see the glistening of the sun off the buildings. The NYC side streets are well shaded due to the tall building which surround them. And nothing says Big Apple, like getting pick pocketed in an alley. Can’t forget the prostitutes freely roaming the night life.

For those of you with the PS3 copy, don’t forget to add your favorite editor.

PSN: mrjuandrful

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