Top 3 Requests from PlayStation 3 Users Are…

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Over at PlayStations Blog Share they want to know what gamers are looking for from the PS3 community.  And the requests are pretty valid although I don’t see one ever getting approved.  Can you guess which suggestions made the top 3?

1. Cross Game Voice Chat

2. Software Emulation for PS2 games

3. Auto-Synching Trophies

For too long, the cross game voice chat has been left off countless firmware updates with no mention of it from Sony. Restricting players to only chat while in-game can isolate conversations and is a huge inconvienence. It would be nice to chat with your friends to time meetups of certain games. I know I grow impatient when I’m waiting for an invite from one of my friends who’s in a party playing Modern Warfare 2.

Now Software emulation probably will not happen. At least, not for free. Older Sony PlayStation 3 models (60GB) are considered the filet mignon of the bunch. They include hardware that allows the play of PS1 and PS2 games. We know some PS1 games have made it to the PS Store but just think how much money Sony would lose if it enabled this feature. I give you God of War Collection for the PS3. Two PS2 games bundled on one disc. Wouldn’t this have been the perfect set of games to push Software emulation?

Lastly, Auto-Synching. I honestly did not think this was even a problem but I tend to compare trophies with my friends often. But many are complaining that “When you acquire a Trophy in-game, the trophy should sync to the network without the user having to go to their profile or to the trophy section and choosing ‘Sync’.”

Many have speculated that Cross Game Chat will be the first of the bunch to get approved and implemented in the next firmware update. But besides these three, what PS3 enhancements would you like to see passed?


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