Top 3 Requests from PlayStation 3 Users Are…

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Over at PlayStations Blog Share they want to know what gamers are looking for from the PS3 community.  And the requests are pretty valid although I don’t see one ever getting approved.  Can you guess which suggestions made the top 3?

1. Cross Game Voice Chat

2. Software Emulation for PS2 games

3. Auto-Synching Trophies

For too long, the cross game voice chat has been left off countless firmware updates with no mention of it from Sony. Restricting players to only chat while in-game can isolate conversations and is a huge inconvienence. It would be nice to chat with your friends to time meetups of certain games. I know I grow impatient when I’m waiting for an invite from one of my friends who’s in a party playing Modern Warfare 2.

Now Software emulation probably will not happen. At least, not for free. Older Sony PlayStation 3 models (60GB) are considered the filet mignon of the bunch. They include hardware that allows the play of PS1 and PS2 games. We know some PS1 games have made it to the PS Store but just think how much money Sony would lose if it enabled this feature. I give you God of War Collection for the PS3. Two PS2 games bundled on one disc. Wouldn’t this have been the perfect set of games to push Software emulation?

Lastly, Auto-Synching. I honestly did not think this was even a problem but I tend to compare trophies with my friends often. But many are complaining that “When you acquire a Trophy in-game, the trophy should sync to the network without the user having to go to their profile or to the trophy section and choosing ‘Sync’.”

Many have speculated that Cross Game Chat will be the first of the bunch to get approved and implemented in the next firmware update. But besides these three, what PS3 enhancements would you like to see passed?


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17 responses to “Top 3 Requests from PlayStation 3 Users Are…”

  1. anaconda says:

    Just cross game chat/invite.

    its such a pain in the butt to get a game started with friends on the ps3. on the 360 i can just got to my dash board and join there game if its open, or invite them to a party. or send them a voice message. or invite all from one place. it’s so much easyier on the 360.

    the party feature is nice becuase all you players/friends can stay in the party while playing the game so you dont have to listen to the smack talk from the other team. in my opion thats the only reason people stick to the 360 and pay for xbox live, and they would gladly keep paying, and they own a ps3 ,and they find there self just using it to play movies. and all of them say if the ps3 online was set up like the 360’s they would be playing the ps3 and the 360 would be collecting dust. unless you have both consoles and play online you dont know what you are missing. untill sony fixes this issue they are not going to win over any 360 online player’s.
    if sony want to have the top console for online then they need to fix this.

  2. Ivan_PSP says:

    The reason we still don’t have Cross Voice Chat is because legal issue and license. You play PS1 games on every single PlayStation console also you can play PS2 games 20gb 60gb and some 80gb models. Sony is making money with ps2 so the only way we will see PS2 game might just be remastered for PS3 like the God of War Collection which is better like that. Also i don’t think we need since everyone has a PS2 unless they were stupid enough to get rid of it. Auto sync trophies is not a bad thing but there’s better thing Sony would do. All my PS3 play PS2 games also i have a bunch of PS2 console working all PERFECTLY. You can always do Cross-Game Chat via word no voice. For now Sony should focus on creating more awesome exclsuives like UNCHARTED and the rest.

    My PSN ID: Ivan-

  3. paul says:

    all i want is to be able to play my own music in all ps3 games (online not like bad company 2 where it stops when you start playing thats gay)

  4. Ray says:

    Cross game voicechat is pointless. When im playing a game i want to play the game, not have a conversation with a friend who’s playing a completely different game. You want to talk to some one, its called a telephone, or a cell phone for you younger gamers.

  5. anaconda says:

    i was waiting for someone who had no idea what the heck he was talking about when it comes to cross game chat.
    the perpouse of it is if you are playing a game and one of you friends gets online or is online and is playing a diffent game you could talk to him to see if he wants to join you, or ask him if you can join the diffent game he is palying if there is any room in his game lobby. and like i or other people are going to call people to ask them to play a game. i have friends on my list from the uk, canada ,germany, texas, florda. ect. why the hell would i pay for long distance phone calls when i already have a console with on line. that’s ingnorant.

    the 360 has those features and my ps3 doesnt. that why i dont play my ps3 online very much, to much of a pain to get games set up or join. in my opion the ps3 is the better system, but the online gaming setup sucks really bad. if you have both systems online like i do you will apprecaite the 360’s online way more. like i stated if the fixed this cross game chat i dont know very many friends of mine that would keep playing the 360. my friends
    that have the ps3 also say the lack of the cross game chat feature is what keeps them from playing the ps3.

  6. Adrian says:

    PS2 Software Emulator please!

  7. madhi19 says:

    Custom soundtrack on all game no exception I want to play Oblivion or Fallout 3 with my own damn music! Off course I could always use my PC but it not an elegant solution!

  8. KC says:

    I want all of the usual things that PS3 owners ask for, but there’s one thing that I want that probably won’t generate as much buzz as cross-chat and that is support for NTFS external hard drives. FAT32 will not allow for file sizes over 4gb and NTFS does. There are a lot of devices hitting the market, such as WDTV and the Popcorn hour that will give you this feature, but if PS3 claims to be the all in one media center, then they need to catch up. I would prefer to use my PS3 for all my media playing needs. I currently just stream my media with PS3 media server, however being able to just plug it directly to the console would be more stable and ideal than using my wireless network.

  9. philliessuck6 says:

    i wish u could play ps2 games and ps1 games on the ps3 bc nobody is gonna buy the game for both stations and an annoying thing for me with the ps3 is, when im reading my messages, and click back itgoes bak to message box and shows my friends then u have to click it again its annnnnnnnnooooyyying. (only when playing in a game) thy should make the home page more like the 360 bc the ps3 is boring lookin and depressin and makes me not want to play.

    Hot Coco

  10. benq620 says:

    im with kc on the ntfs front but it can be worked around by splitting larger files with a free online splitter download! the ps3 is a great media player and has no problems with mkv if you use mkv/vob it only takes a few minutes but it would be good for direct play of mkv. what does get on my nerves is not being able to see thumbnails on my external hard drive. i use a 1tb external drive instead of internal because i do not want any overheat issues and the sound of the fan going overtime. the big one for me is the lack of simultanious output via hdmi and component for us who like playing on big screen projectors and tv.
    its a pain to have to keep holding the power button to reset the video configuration. my old £39.99 alba dvd player can do both so why cant my £250 slim do it.

  11. KC says:

    You’re right Ben620, I already use MKV2Vob although I wish I didn’t have to. Although PS3mediaserver will transcode on the fly, this somtimes causes stuttering problems so I just go ahead convert the files up front. As for splitting my files I would prefer not to. I actually get by pretty fine with streaming, but it would be so much easier to just plug it in directly. Especially for those that lack the PC or tech savy to get things up and running streaming wise. I’ve been thinking about just getting a Popcorn Hour or similar NMT, but I just hate that I have to when the PS3 is suppose to be such a powerful media center.

  12. Arizona Snow says:

    The feature I want on the PS3 is an extra option on message notifications – at the moment there is only on and off, but there should also be an option to show messages only and not all the logging in and out notifications. My message notifications are turned off at the moment cos watching ppl log in and out is damn annoying especially when you are using the PS3 as a media server. All the ppl on my friends list are active and there are at least 50 on it. I don’t mind answering ppls messages and turning off the media I’m watching to join some1 in a game, but all the logging in and out notifications are damn annoying.

    As for the backwards PS2 compatibility, at one time I thought it was a good idea. The problem though is that I don’t have enough time to play all the PS3 games I have got, so why would I want to play a last gen game – even if it is a classic, there simply isn’t enough time.

  13. Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. this are fair requests… I want that, too.

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  16. Ashley Cross says:

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