Trailer Trash: Call of Duty 5 World at War

After a long week of waiting for the full length trailer to be released, Infinity Ward Treyarch and Activision did not disappoint. World at War is rumored to be set back in the World War II era. Although this would not be a bad idea, it is a huge let down. WW2 games are the highest among FPS. But what COD5 does bring to the table is another great multiplayer. Let’s just hope the single player has more to offer because that’s COD4’s only black spot.


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  1. Treyarch is the developer of World at War, not Infinity Ward.

    Treyarch did Call of Duty 3, and many other games including Spiderman 1-3+Ultimate, and a large amount of forgettable games. Infinity Ward did 1, 2 and 4.

  2. Yeah I’m curious to see how well they do with COD5. I thought it was strange they were chosen to do COD5 a while back after how well IW did with COD4.

  3. @ John, Thanks for the catch. Corrected!

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