Trailer Trash: Call of Duty: World At War Co-op Play

The Call of Duty series returns to World War II with the next entry in the exciting FPS series from Activision.  Release Date 11/11/08.

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4 responses to “Trailer Trash: Call of Duty: World At War Co-op Play”

  1. somewhat says:

    Damn, that looks really good ! And kind of fitting for a Rememberance Day release date. Nice touch…

  2. Juan Perez says:

    I know, I would have been happy with just a 2-player coop. i need to make 3 new friends now 🙂 anyone?

  3. Kezins says:

    This looks great, but co-op play usually does in commercials. If enough of my friends get this game, I’ll certainly enjoy playing, but co-op play never ever works well with random jerks in games like this.

  4. somewhat says:

    Amen to that ! But then again, you were a random jerk until we met playing Halo. LOL !

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