Trailer Trash: TNA iMPACT! Soo Real…

Looking to step in the ring with a bunch of sweaty, muscular men? Ok, good, me neither but now’s your opportunity to get as close with TNA iMPACT! as you want. This new Trailer shows just how good these graphics will look in gameplay mode. You can smell the testosterone off Big Poppa Pump’s forearms.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. word i say you can see the fresh steroid injections…i think they should have a super boost mode where you inject your self with the largest amount of steroids and you have to finish the season before beatinmg your wife and having a nasty divorce … then i will buy this game

  2. i guess it wouldn’t be wrestling without steroids and wife beating

  3. hell yeah!!!!…and ..ummm…suicide…but nevermind that im sure that will be in the second game.for now hell yeah!!!!!!!….this trailer will be rocking

  4. Big Poppa Pump doesn’t take Steroids, I believe he’s the source where scientists extract from.

  5. actually i think elton john is the source of this worlds supply of testosterone

  6. LOL, Ariel, your becoming my favorite visitor!

  7. thanks you to (insert name) are my favorite (insert occupation) of all time….

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