Unlock ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Easter Eggs

Are you enjoying this year’s reason you will neglect most of your personal accomplishments? Call of Duty tends to do that to most of us. If you’ve been enjoying all that Black Ops has to offer, you may want to watch this video. Easter Eggs in video games are mysterious and fun to discover. And Treyarch has managed to slip in a couple worth mentioning. A playable version of Zork and Dead Ops Arcade.

Zork is one of the first text-based games. You were a nameless adventurer looking for gold and eventually claiming the title Dungeon Master. The following iterations in the series introduced graphics and one of my favorite all time games, Return To Zork.

Dead Ops Arcade is a top down shooter, very similar to Smash TV.  You can watch both these Easter Eggs below:

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