Upgrade Your PS3 with Ease, 320GB $64.99


It’s not as intimidating as it looks.  If you can handle a screw driver, you can swap out your PS3 hard disk.  PerezStart.com is here to assist you through this “sensitive” process of upgrading your PS3 hard drive.

PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade Options:
Western Digital – 320GB
Western Digital – 500GB

Daniel and I, have easily upgraded our hard drives to 320gb drives, with only minor issues.  Since we were the guinea pigs, we’ll briefly inform you of where we went wrong and how you can upgrade without error.

1.  Careful with the screws – I make this the first point even before backing up because of issues we both had.  I could be wrong, but the PS3 screws are made of some soft metal such as pewter.  We both stripped out at least one screw.

2.  Backup Data – Either flash drives or external hard drives can be used for this process.  If you NEED all your saved games back, make sure you have a FAT32 external hard drive, and run the backup utility from “System Settings” then “Backup Utility”.

If you have any questions on this, drop us a comment.

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Readers Comments (16)

  1. how do i get the FAT32 thing and where can i buy everything

  2. @H G
    format from windows 98, buy from ebay. 🙂

  3. I have transferred the data from my original 60GB PS3 HDD to my external HDD(FAT32 format) using the backup utility option in the system settings and then I put my new Seagate 320GB HDD(SATA, 2.5″, 5400rpm) into my PS3 and went to the restore Backup Utility(From the system settings), but everytime at 50% I get an error code(800283F0), I have tried re-copying the data, and re-backing it up, but continue to get the same error code, I even called Sony(They told me it is apparently a corrupt file, I can’t say I believe it though, as it copies fine onto my external HDD).

    I would just transfer the saved files over and download everything else, but I have 2 games(Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5) that I have put in over 40+ hours into that have a copyright lock on them so can’t copy them onto a USB/External HDD and I REALLY don’t want to lose them if possible.

  4. great post… but are those the only HDD thatn can be used? 320GB would be freakin great, considering all the games that need to install before playing, like RE5 and BioShock… plus with all the DLC has to offer, u can fill a 40GB HDD pretty fast.

  5. will it backup PSN Games?

  6. hey what about 360? My drive is about 32 gigs, which means all I can install is Ms. Pacman and Oblivion….HELP!

  7. @zac
    You can re-download your PSN games up to 5 times with no problems.

    You 360 guys are out of luck. Microsoft does not support upgrading the drive unless, you buy an XBox 360 drive through them AT retail.

    @H G
    Most external drives come as Fat32. If it doesn’t, here are 2 steps that can format it for you. REMEMBER once you format a drive, ALL DATA is WIPED. But since this is an external drive just to backup your PS3, I’m assuming it’s blank already 😉

    1. Go to ‘run’ from the start button and type ‘cmd’ to bring up the command window.
    2. Type this in the command line: format (Drive letter): /FS:FAT32

  8. You might also need the latest PS3 system software on your backup drive. I was asked for it when I swapped the PS3 HD.

  9. Xbox stinks!!

  10. so i have the PS3 80gig and so far i still have some room. Should I just wait on doing this or the earlier the better? I just know that most likely i will mess mine up! 😛

  11. @msgiggless
    It seems most games now come with “data” that needs to be downloaded before playing a game. Those games can come with up to 5gb of additional data.

    Pros on waiting are: Disks will get cheaper and bigger
    Cons: When it comes time to upgrade, it will take you longer to transfer since you’ll have more data.

    If you have more than 50% empty, I say wait.

  12. To the guy that said “you can down load PSN games up to five times”. No thats not the way it works. The way it works is that you can download that specific PSN purchase onto 5 PS3’s. that means you can have up to 5 ps3″s registered to your PSN account.So you can DL you content all you want so as long as its to not more then those 5 PS3 registered to your account.

  13. you are right about the 5 PS3s thing. They don’t need to be registered to your account though. People are using this to share content with friends. I am surprised Sony hasn’t closed the exploit yet.

  14. I’ve stripped my blue screw and it’s really anoying especially as i’ve got a 320GB HDD just sitting there! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase HELP ME i don’t no what to do.

  15. @K!!NGY
    Stripping your screws are very common while swapping out your hd. But your the first to strip the blue screw, don’t sweat it though. With the power disconnected (duh) use a needle nose plier and grab the screw and turn it left. That should at least loosen it. Good Luck!

  16. Daniel Perez May 5, 2009 @ 2:31 pm

    Did you say the blue screw?? Wow. I can guarantee you’re going to strip the smaller screws then if you had such difficulty with the blue screw.

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