Valkyria Chronicles Shows It’s Tender Side With CLANNAD Remix

In my honest opinion, SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles was one of last year’s most underappericated games. It combined a tactical RTS with RPG elements and anime styling into a fantastic game.  Not only was the gameplay fun and challenging at the same time, but the story was one that I will never forget.

With the recent airing of the Valkyria Chronicles anime in Japan, YouTube user HighSierra098 combined footage from the Valkyria Chronicles game with the OP to CLANNAD.  The video does a great job at capturing the style of the original source, which I’ve gone ahead and added after the break.

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One response to “Valkyria Chronicles Shows It’s Tender Side With CLANNAD Remix”

  1. babylinda says:

    Very nicely done! As a huge Clannad fan myself, I can see the Valkyria Chronicles video does capture the Op sequence of Clannad very well. Oh, how I miss Clannad, or perhaps I miss having a good cry every now and then! Hopefully the Valkyria Chronicles anime will be as good as the game and perhaps come close to the quality and story of Clannad.

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