Video: Black Ops ‘Escalation’ Detailed

Call of Duty: Black Ops will have their second map pack called Escalation hitting the Xbox 360 next month (May 3rd) followed by the PS3 and PC some time later.  The 12oo MP ($15) will consist of 4 new multiplayer maps and 1 co-op zombie map.  If you checked out the video above, you can see two maps look phenomenal.  My favorites right now are Zoo and Stockpile.

Here’s the rundown on each map…

Zoo takes place in an abandoned Soviet zoo. The map includes a monorail track that you can get up onto and use to walk most of map. The rail also sounds like a great sniping position.

Hotel was inspired by the vistas of Havana. There are a lot of flank paths and places to hide, the Treyarch folks say. A second floor can be accessed only by a set of elevators which sounds like a neat chokepoint to the sniping positions.

Convoy is retro America. The map is built around the premise that a United States convoy was hit by a Soviet ambush. Part of the level includes a damaged road that gives you access to a bit of underground.

Stockpile takes place in a suburban village in Russia that is also home to a stockpile of weapons. The middle of the village has an operational garage which Treyarch says is the key to the map. You can open and close the doors and then use the position to hold the entire map.

Last map is called Call of the Dead and it’s another zombie map.  Not too much detail discussing the map but you can bet every nine year old will be playing it. 😉

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