Video: DC Universe Online, “Who Do You Trust” at Comic Con 2010

Good vs. Evil will never get old.  But turn that gaming concept into an online multiplayer MMO, and you’ll have yourself a very successful game.  Now whether this “MMO” will warrant a monthly subscription is still under thought, gamers for the PC and PS3 will test the subscription water again.  If you recall, SOE has made several MMO’s most recently with Star Wars Galaxiess’ rise and fall.  Trust a Hero over a Villain?  You may want to reconsider that idea especially in this universe.  The release date has been mentioned to be November 2, 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and PC.

For those who remember, check out my hands-on preview during Comic Con. Where I personally spoke with an SOE rep and asked him the infamous question about monthly subs. Hmm, I wonder what his reply was…

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