Video: Infinity Ward Introduces ‘Spec-Ops’ Mode in Modern Warfare 2

I think he wants to be friends... SHOOT HIM!

I think he wants to be friends... SHOOT HIM!

As much as I enjoy a good round of multiplayer mode, I am an old-school gamer at heart.  With that said, I grew up playing games along with my brothers and majority of the games that came out in the 80s were co-op.  There’s just something about working together with family and friends that give me a much more richer multiplayer experience than just shooting the hell out of them.

Infinity Ward realized how important co-op play is becoming and is introducing a new mode called ‘Spec-Ops’.  Spec-Ops is a mode that is completely apart from the single-player campaign.  You and your buddies work together to complete different objectives across multiple maps.  The objectives vary from simply clearing out a map of enemies, to getting down a snowy mountain the quickest on your snowmobile.  Players can even change individual difficulty settings, so no longer will men have to play on casual mode while their girlfriend holds the controller upside down screaming “HOW DO I MAKE THAT MAN DEAD?!”

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One response to “Video: Infinity Ward Introduces ‘Spec-Ops’ Mode in Modern Warfare 2”

  1. mrjuandrful says:

    Wow, I just learned a new phrase “Muzzle Discipline”. Thought it was more for dogs that bite than MW2.

    I love the idea of different difficulty settings. I just wonder how two players will be tested differently. Won’t we both see enemies taking cover or will they jump into the bullets from an “Easy” difficulty player?

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