Video: Mass Effect 3 Announced on Spike TV’s VGAs

As we reported earlier today, Bethesda announced they’ll be releasing the follow-up to their hugely successful The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion next year with The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. We should all expect a ton of swords, sorcery, and of course, horse armor DLC! It looks like Bethesda wasn’t the only company ready to reveal their new title as BioWare had some news on a sequel of their own. That game is Mass Effect 3.

The announcement came by way of a debut trailer where we see a solider who is hiding atop the battlefield where he’s scoping out the scene. He begins some internal monologue which gives some information as to what’s going on. The camera pulls back from the solider’s location and we see he’s at the top of the London’s iconic Big Ben where we see Earth is currently under attack. The camera zooms out to show Earth, to where we see Commander Shepard looking over the planet from his ship, to which he turns away and walks into the camera I guess either out of disgust over how whimpy the Earthlings have become or maybe just for dramatically effect.

Don’t expect any gameplay footage from this trailer as, in the tradition of debut trailers, there’s no gameplay footage whatsoever. Instead, the trailer is a mix of real actors along with CGI. Mass Effect 3 wasn’t something that was a surprise by most gamers, especially with how Mass Effect 2 ended, but it certainly is an announcement that every Mass Effect fan greatly appreciated. With Mass Effect 2 hitting the PS3 soon, I’m curious to see if Mass Effect 3 will be hitting both the Xbox 360 & PS3 consoles at the same time.

2011 is starting to look like it’ll become the year of the RPG, so be sure to clear your schedules around late 2011 as I suspect both Mass Effect 3 and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim will be eating up a lot of your time.

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