Video: Red Dead Redemption Official Launch Trailer, Out May 18th

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar’s upcoming Western Game, Red Dead Redemption looks amazing. I’ve expressed how cool this game looks plus it’s being developed by the same company who brings you all the action in their Grand Theft Auto series. You’ll be able to step into the Wild West on May 18th and I know I’m excited…

You play as John Marston through this western journey that explores how it was done. Along John Marston’s adventures you’ll encounter some of the characters that made the west as wild as it was. Harvesting animal skin and selling it is a good way to keep some gold in your pocket. You can also be sure some heists along the way will fill your pockets as well but come as a dangerous risk.

Many sites have hand tested the game, but I personally enjoyed what Talk Xbox had to say. They talked about animal skinning (my fave) and what it’s impact is in Red Dead Redemption. Here’s the preview from Talk Xbox:

Another side attraction that was shown was skinning animals. There are multiple animals in the desert and forest such as horses, oxen, buffalo, bears and foxes. If the player manages to kill any of these animals they’re given the option to skin its dead body and sell the fur for cash at local towns. Selling furs is connected to your “fame” and “bounty” levels. Each town has a different stance on what they think of you. If you complete multiple missions for the town’s citizens they’ll like you more. However, if all your psychotic rampages are dedicated to one particular town they’ll loathe your existence to the point that if you even show your face they’ll start shooting.

Right Now, Amazon is running a $20 giftcard promotion with the purchase of Red Dead Redemption for either the XBox 360 or PS3. Enjoy the trailer below…

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