Video: Sonic Generations Gameplay Trailer Brings The Old With The New

SEGA has recently announced a new Sonic the Hedgehog game that will be released later this year that will bring both the old, pudgy Sonic that we all grew up playing with and the new Sonic with green eyes and long, lean legs together for a new adventure. A new gameplay trailer was released today and, as you can see, both Sonics seem to be doing what they do best.

If the gameplay trailer was any indication, it would seem that portions of the old-school Sonic’s levels would be played on a 2D landscape, which is how traditional Sonic games are played. At times, you’ll need to play as modern day Sonic, and those levels seem to be played on a 3D landscape which will have you moving Sonic forward through levels instead of left-to-right.

The combination of old-school Sonic and modern day Sonic is one that has certainly piqued my interest. I’m hoping both gameplay experiences can spark something for other developers to consider if they want to create a new game with a hint of old-school flavor.

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