Video: Video Game Addict Loses Wife & Son Over His Addiction

Video Game Addiction

A recent video uploaded onto YouTube has raised concern on video games and those addicted to them.  YouTube user lukemorse1 recorded a video informing people that because of his addiction to gaming, his wife and son have left him.

According to lukemorse1’s YouTube channel profile, his collection seemed very complete ranging from older, classic consoles such as the Atari 2600, all the way up to the current generation.  He also uploaded gameplay footage of games running on their original systems, as well as life in Japan.

In his video, he claims the reason for his wife and son leaving him was due to the fact that he grossly neglected them while he spent his time with his hobby.  He also states the reason for him making his final video was to teach those of us who might be following his track to learn from his mistakes. Time management is key when it comes to video games. I personally would love to play video games all day and night, but I have other priorities that I know need to be taken care of before I can enjoy myself.

We here at PerezStart wish nothing but the best to lukemorse1. We also would like to acknowledge him for teaching the gaming community a valuable lesson: “People will always be around. Make sure you put a lot more priority on people than you do things, because in the end… I mean.. what do you have?  A bunch of stuff that doesn’t really mean anything.”

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  1. This is a prime example on how everything should be in moderation. It is a shame that he had to learn his lesson when his wife and child finally left and gave up on him.

    Perhaps the true lesson is to appreciate what you have now and not until it is too late. That is the problem with human beings. I would say I have a moderate addiction to the internet though only when I am pretty bored when I am busy and am doing activities with my significant others, loved ones etc, I could throw my laptop out of the window. Facebook forget it, biggest time waster ever.

    All the advances in technology meant to bring us together in many ways is setting us apart. I hope his family sees the video and forgives him and he truly learned his lesson. He seems like a goodhearted guy but games, internet, etc can be a drug as well.

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