View Your PlayStation Trophies at


PlayStation’s Trophy system has been a step behind Xbox 360’s Achievements.  Granted, Microsoft has 1 year more experience over Sony so it’s understood.  Xbox 360 Achievements have been gamers bragging rights, and an aspect that some gamers take pride in.  Since there was no efficient solution to manage PSN Trophies, many PS3 players have avoided this tedius task while other have joined other networks that allow you to manage your lists manually.  It’s not the primary solution, but it WAS the only one.  Well, it finally looks like Sony is moving towards that same direction of “bragging” with their newest feature coming to

Beginning today, you will be able to view your PlayStation Trophies on with all of the details you can see on your PS3.  Will we see a PSN gamercard to show off your Trophies?  Not sure.  Sony says this is just Phase 1 of this promised Trophy update, and with more updates you can expect more features.


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