Who You Gonna Call? Atari! Ghostbusters in ’09

Ghostbusters The Game will be finished in 2009, thanks to Atari.

On a Dallas Radio Show, Dan Akryod has confirmed that Ghostbusters The Game is back in development, thanks to Atari, and should be finished in 2009.  He went on to say “The game is about a year away”.  So it looks like Halloween ’09 will give a better picture of Ghostbuster’s coming to a console near you.  Maybe by then the long awaited rumor of Ghostbusters 3 will come true.

Via /gamer

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3 responses to “Who You Gonna Call? Atari! Ghostbusters in ’09”

  1. Morhek says:

    I hope to GOD this game comes out. And that coming from an atheist. Ironic in so many ways…

    I don’t care if it’s next year. It’s still not as long as Ghostbusters 3 is going to take 🙁

  2. Will Snizek says:

    I was really looking forward to the game this year. Hopefully it’s really good . With the delay, they have plenty of time to make this the game we have all been waiting for!

  3. beta says:

    I still prefer the movie
    Ghostbusters Movie

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