[UPDATE] Who’s The Next ‘Madden 10’ Cover Athlete?


Over the next couple of weeks, EA will be announcing several candidates for the upcoming Madden 10.  Once all 9 candidates are revealed, 1 athlete will be announced during the NFL Draft on April 24th.  Once the cursed winner athlete is announced he will be featured as the next Madden 10 cover athlete.  Remember: Madden 10 will be released on August 14th.

Only 4 6 of out 9 athletes have been announced, but many are thinking this could be Big Ben’s year to be featured on the cover.  Who do you like?

The current candidates are:

Ed Reed|S|Baltimore Ravens


Adrian Peterson|RB|Minnesota Vikings


Brandon Jacobs|RB|New York Giants


Ben Roethlisberger|QB|Pittsburgh Steelers


Matt Cassel|QB|Kansas City Chiefs|6 of 9

DeMarcus Ware|LB|Dallas Cowboys


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