Wimbledon’s got nothing on ‘Top Spin 3’

Sure, being at Wimbledon 2008 is cool.  You can see all your favorite athletes up close and personal, eat ice cream, and watch several matches in one day in the rain.  To me, that’s overrated!  Why not control them from your fingertips, in the comfort of your basement.

Top Spin 3, looks to have something that Virtual Tennis lacked…”Classic Legends”.  With old school players like Boris Becker, Bjorn Borg, and Monica Seles ‘Top Spin 3’ is the first to bring back retired players.

You can bet your bottom dollar, Kezins.com is looking forward to pulling up our socks, tightening up the orange bandana and squeeze into those short shorts to swing the wooden spoon on top of some clay.  Okay, okay play tennis.. geez!

Coming soon: Be sure to come back and check out our review of ‘Top Spin 3’.

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