Wonder about “Life in The West”?, ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Trailer Shows you how

Ever wondered what Life was like in the West? Crossing valleys, deserts and rivers are all possible in Rockstar’s upcoming Western game called Red Dead Redemption. The fast speed of the west are taken into account during this Western open sandbox game. You’ll explore all different types of regions including forests, snow and hunt big game including bears. Hunting was vital in the west so not only was it a source of food, but shelter and clothes. Playing the reformed outlaw, John Marston, you’ll be able to skin buffalo and cash them in for money. Just keep the damn buzzards away ater your kill!

Everyone knows what GTA IV was capable of so imagine Niko Bellic in the wild west. Red Dead Redemption will allow you to take up the activities most cowboys went through. Drinking, playing cards or keeping ranches safe from rustlers. Need a new wild horse? Well, you’ll be able to lasso yourself a new white stallion. Free of charge of course.

The vast, sprawling world of Red Dead Redemption hides unique challenges in every area, with wild bears and snow in the North, bandits and cattle rustlers in the West, to unrest and revolution in the South.  Hundreds of characters populate each of the three areas, each with a distinct personality, and every area has its own unique ecosystem with a variety of animals and plant life.
The rich diversity of each area offers several types of challenges and rewards.  Hunting allows reformed outlaw John Marston the opportunity to skin and sell the skin in town, while a bloody battle attracts vultures, who if shot, unlock sharp shooting challenges.  Full of possibility and activity, the world of Red Dead Redemption reflects the immensity  that was the Wild West. 

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  1. JB says:

    This game looks more and more amazing every time I see it?

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