Microsoft’s Xbox 360 May Get Blu-ray After All…

Although Microsoft has denied all rumors that Blu-ray may come to an Xbox 360 near you, Toshiba-Samsung Corp has been contracted to produce external Blu-ray drives for the 360.

It is no shock that Microsoft HAD to do something in order to compete with Sony’s Blu-ray disc storage capacity. They tried with HD-DVD and we all know how that failed, and Microsoft wasn’t going to jump on the “Sony Blu-ray wagon”. That was then, this is now.

Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp., a joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Toshiba Corp., has been contracted to manufacture external Blu-ray disc drives for Microsoft Xbox 360 game console. While the exact specifications of the product are unknown, it is rumoured that Microsoft aims at $100 – $150 price-point for the device in order to compete against Sony PlayStation 3 with Xbox 360 + external Blu-ray drive combination.



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