Xbox 360 & PS3 Versions of Final Fantasy XIII Revealed To Have Differences

Final Fantasy XIII 360 - PS3 Difference

Whenever a new Final Fantasy title is released on current generation consoles, you can bet it’ll be a graphically impressive game.  The PS3s Blu-Ray disc should be able to handle whatever Square-Enix can throw at it, but it seems the Xbox 360 needs a little help in order to run Final Fantasy XIII.

In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Square-Enix reveals the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII will be shipped on a dual-layer Blu-ray disc due to the game’s massive size.  It will also have uncompressed media.  The Xbox 360 version will be shipped on multiple discs, which we knew already, but both the audio and graphics will be compressed.

When it comes to Final Fantasy games, I’ve always played them on Playstation, but with this new development, it seems like I have more of a reason to pick up the PS3 version over the Xbox 360. All the Chocobos in the world can’t save Microsoft from this news.


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30 responses to “Xbox 360 & PS3 Versions of Final Fantasy XIII Revealed To Have Differences”

  1. The Mad Knight says:

    After a year and a half of owning a PS3 I’ve never purchased a game for it. But this bit of news will definitely change that trend. My Xbox 360 will be very lonely.

  2. Daniel says:

    So what if it’s compressed or on multiple discs? The Xbox can handle it. It has 3 Processors for a reason. And if you’re too lazy to get up and change a disc then you need to just quit living…

  3. The Mad Knight says:

    I personally don’t mind changing disks. (Sadly, too many people probably do.) And yes, the 360 can of course handle the compressed video and audio. But why play a compressed version of a visual work of art? Believe me, I’ll defend the 360 all day long, but this game is going to be beautiful. I want it in it’s full glory. @Daniel

  4. Daniel Perez says:


    I have no problems with multiple disc games as long as the reason for it is to ensure the quality isn’t compressed. That’s often why games go multi-disc. In the case of FFXIII, not only is the game going multi-disc, but the quality of the video & audio is going to be compressed as well. If you played Dragon’s Age on the Xbox 360 / PS3 vs. PC, you’ll see why compressed audio/video can effect a game.

  5. Klatu says:

    I dont understand the logic of this article. There is no difference between a “compressed” file and an uncompressed file, other than filesize. Thats it. It will be EXACTLY the same game/graphics/etc, just compressed to fit on multiple DVDs as opposed to a Bluray disc. Has the writer of said article ever even authored a compressed file, or have any degrees in multimedia or 3d animation? I do, and to reiterate, there is NO difference between compressed file and uncompressed other than filesize. For example, lets say I create an animation in Maya, and render it out as a TIFF sequence. I could render it out as a Quicktime movie, but a tiff sequence is a much smaller filesize. Same EXACT animation, different filesize. Same type of thing, except its dvd vs blu-ray format (although you cant MAKE the game without Maya). Secondly, 360 owners will ALWAYS have the edge, regardless of how many discs, because the 360 outputs in 1080dpi whilst the PS3 only outputs at a max res. of 720dpi. SO, if you have a high definition TV, get the xbox version. Dont listen to the “compression” bs, these people have no idea what they’re talking about.

  6. Klatu says:

    I am the lead graphic designer/animator for a news station here in San Diego. I create graphics and animations for a living. I doubt anyone else here has ever created a 3d animation in after effects or maya, and rendered it in any number of compression formats. This article is misleading and the writer uninformed. I own a PS3 and 360, as well as a rather dusty Wii, and I too notice subtle differences in cross platform titles as well. But this is not due to “compression”, its due to the processing capibilities of the console in question, and the way they utilize texture maps, as well as the dpi output difference. In short, both games will be identical. One will have more discs, but be in 1080dpi. The other will be a single disc, but in 720dpi. So if you’re lazy and dont want to change discs (more power to you), get the PS version. If you have a 1080p tv, Id reccomend the xbox version. Thats it.

  7. erodz85 says:

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? Dude, ur soooo wrong… Take Daniels comment about Dragon age… I have an HDTV and I own both systems and i have to say the 360 looks like CRAP compared to the PS3… Dragon age looked so much better on PS3 than it did on XBOX… get ur facts straight. Microsoft will NEVER 1-up Sony in graphics… NEVER

  8. erodz85 says:

    and yes, my tv is 1080p

  9. sinn1 says:

    What I think it is time you got your facts straight 99% of multiplat look better on the 360.

  10. erodz85 says:

    What i think is you need to stop bein a 360 fan boy and get off Bill Gates’ dick… stick ur multiplat up ur ass

  11. erodz85 says:

    Oh yea… since when does 360 run 1080dpi? last time i checked, it couldnt get past Sub-HD 600p Quality. What are u tryin to pull here?

  12. elcido6 says:

    “Graphics processing is handled by the NVIDIA RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer’, which can output resolutions from 480i/576i SD up to 1080p HD.” –

    “A report in Famitsu (via says Final Fantasy XIII be graphically superior on the Playstation 3 compared to the Xbox 360 version, and it’ll sound better, too.” –

    usually, when you compress data, audio video or other, you sacrifice the quality of said data. fact.

    also, most multiplatform games look better on xbox because they were developed on the xbox first and ported to the ps3. if you haven’t noticed, i dunno maybe you were living under a rock, all the highest rated and most visually superior games are the ones that are ps3 exclusive.


  13. Pablo says:

    I hope this begins a trend of companies taking advantage of the space advantage Sony has in it’s Blu-ray disks.

  14. martin0326 says:

    “also, most multiplatform games look better on xbox because they were developed on the xbox first and ported to the ps3. ”

    ^ +1

    but this game will look better because it is developed on a ps3 first..and duh, it is presented by SONY computer entertainment..

  15. martin0326 says:


    martin0326 :
    “also, most multiplatform games look better on xbox because they were developed on the xbox first and ported to the ps3. ”
    ^ +1
    but this game will look better because it is developed on a ps3 first..and duh, it is presented by SONY computer entertainment..

    on pa ps3

  16. FrootLoops says:


    PS3 Doesn’t have shit for games, and you know that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to MASS EFFECT 2. EAD

  17. forsakener says:

    but final fantasy XIII is being ported to xbox 360 so ps3 version is going be better with graphics and sound

  18. WhyWHyWHY? says:

    Why is this crap going all around? I understand the differences between the 360 and the PS3. Im not completely fluent in the graphic language. We have both systems and a giant projector in our movie room as well as bose speakers. The best tech gear to make out games sound/screen the best we can. And as much as I love the 360, its just crappy graphics on some games, its terrible. It can only last at 720 HD. The PS3 can definitly always hit at 1080i. The xbox can barely support our projector system. For games, I hand it to the 360. But if I want a game with graphics, I will always give it up to the PS3.
    Even if you bought the FF XIII for your 360, its just going to crash on you mid-game anyway. Stupid 360, I’ve already had to repair you 4 times, stop breaking!! 😛

  19. notafanboy says:

    @klatu srsly dude, im not sure where your getting your information but you need to check your sources. While its true, that techically compressed data is the same as uncompressed data in that its essentially the same info, in data files its no big deal b/c u simply uncompress and go. however video and audio files sacrifice quality through the compression process, even upon expanding the file back to full(which im unclear whether the xbox will even do during play).

    As to the resolution……. i might remind you that there is only one format on the market that is achieving true 1080p, that is blueray. do you remember when blue rays were introduced to the public? Who made them? and what their flagship is and was? For those who dont follow the techy stuff, it was Sony with the PS3. To my understanding the xbox only does 1080i.

    Now as my name says, im not a fanboy by anymeans. I have a 1080p tv so i actually notice the huge difference between 1080i and 1080p, a i own both the 360 and the ps3, as well as a pretty nice self built computer hooked to my tv via hdmi(SLI nvidia and all the good stuff). On a good tv, ive found that some games look better on the xbox and some on the ps3. GT4 is a great example of a game looking better on the xbox, that style of graphical enviroment is better suited to the xbox. Multiplayer is way better on the xbox. The Xbox controller is way more comfortable than the archaic playstation controller. But cinimatic games, like assassins creed, uncharted, mass effect, and this release are positively dominated by the ps3. it is the ps3’s saving grace that and you can install unix on it and upgrade your hdd., and trying to dimish the ps3’s obvious strength in this setting only dimish’s your so called expertise.

    for me FFXIII on ps3 without question. COD6, madden and so on, xbox without question.

  20. joh2141 says:

    HDMI cable genius. Other people are trying to state facts in an objective perspective and you clearly attack them with a biased view. In terms of which console is more advanced, it’s hands down definitely the PS3. However, it is true that the 360 has higher HD settings IF you decide to get the HDMI addon. When I first got my 360, it looked so bad. However, I plug in the HDMI cable and it looks even better on my TV than the PS3 BECAUSE it can go to 1080. I can take a picture of it and send it to you if you like. When Square Enix released the HD pictures that use the full extent of both consoles, the graphics of both games look EXACTLY the same. Their news of compressing the files for the xbox is good news because xbox owners who wanted FF13 but didn’t have PS3 worried about how they were going to play it. Take this for example. If you buy a CD of a video game for PC, it would probably be a lot more memory than downloading a zip file of it. however, there is no difference in its results. Zip files will have less memory because it is compressed.

    In truth, I was going to buy PS3 for Ff13 but I’m glad they did this. On a side note, this is objective. I think PS3 is much more advanced in terms of console. However, on an HD TV at the moment, xbox will always look better because of the HDMI cable with 1080 setting. These aren’t fanboys you’re attacking. XBOX hardly has any fanboys although I’ve seen plenty from PS3. Look at the people who defend 360 with maturity giving facts. Then look at you telling people to get off Gates dick. Great representation of PS3, it seems you are the only real fanboy here.

  21. joeyboy says:


    i like how wrong your last paragraph is
    first off the ps3 was capable of 1080p output since day 1 and was able to do so before the 360
    the ps3 has won graphics of the year with uncharted in 07, mgs4 in 08 and uncharted2/killzone 2 in 09
    this award was awarded by more or less every multiplat game website or magazine

    and speaking of fanboys you are kind of a fan boy yourself when you are trying stating biased and wrong facts

    and i have to laugh at your description of compressing audio files and graphics you obviously know nothing about what you are talking about. When you compress audio or visual data bit will be lost and quality will degrade that is a fact ask anyone who knows anything about graphics/audio design.

    its also funny how you talk about no such things as 360 fanboys klatu is a prime example of one he is obviously making things up to try and make the 360 look superior. Did you ever stop and think you dont see 360 fanboys due to the fact that you, yourself are a fanboy?

    Simple facts are multiplats usually look better on the 360 exclusive games always look better on the ps3 and the best looking games are on the ps3.

  22. Gr33k says:

    Ha ha, I don’t care if there is the smallest difference in graphics between the two consoles. Im pretty sure its going to be so small that it wont matter.

    As to compressing file, it wont matter. Only think that might happen is load times increase a little, but then that is offset by DVD read speeds being considerably faster than Blu ray.

    Im not willing to spend £250 on a PS3 just to play FF13 without having to change the disk (besides I cant remember caring about doing it in the PS titles!) and unfortunately it wont be out on PC so it’ll be 360 for me.

    If you want graphics superiority shut up about consoles and build a gaming PC, then you will see what pretty is…

  23. Jhoe says:

    no, its already been proven, the xbox 360 doesnt have the graphics a ps3 does. the dvd drive cant compare with the blue ray drive. and yes we all know it doesnt matter if its compressed or not, but whether it is or not the xbox is going to have loser graphics because of the cheap drives. u gotta get a ps3 to see the best graphics for this generation. the xbox just cant keep up anymore.

  24. Jhoe says:

    oh, and compressed and decompressed shit loses a slight bit of quality when worked with. and i hear that the xnox cant do ful on 1080 hd….. i believe that to be true. which is why i through my xbox into a fire pit and bought a ps3. and i love it oh so much. better graphics, blue ray, internet, free online play. i love it so much.

  25. emelio says:

    dude the PS3 was 1080p standard from original. also hdmi cable port was standard from day. the 360 you have buy a more expensive console just to have hdmi. and the 1080p was an update for the 360. the 360 would originally only run 720p or 1080i. get the facts

  26. Aliw says:

    Rofl are you saying that ps3 doesnt have HDMI????
    PS3 had it from day 1.
    Ps3 can do natively 1080p
    Xbox can do natively 1080i upscaled to 1080p.
    Quit riding microsofts cock and buy both like i did.
    How are the news good? That XBox is getting the shitty version?
    Compressing it in consoles doesn’t use zip or rar files
    When you have them in RAR or Zip files you cant use them. Unless you uncompress.
    I hope your little brain got the info that PS3’s graphics are better but the thing that matters is gameplay….

  27. Mike D says:

    Ok ive never once commented on anything before this.. but this one needs commenting on. I work in Maya and also do 3D, so I know what it is that your’re talking about. Which is why I can also say that you’re wrong. having an animation in an uncompressed Targa File, and then compressing that file lets say with sorenson makes a HUUGE DIFFERENCE. With the PS3 and the 360, I just dont know where you’re getting your info from. The PS3 is the one that can max out at 1080p, not the 360. If you remember correctly, the HDMI port was added onto the 360 AFTER it came out, so it wasnt designed to run 1080p at first.

  28. micebon says:

    This is “next gen” gaming.. we shouldn’t have to get up and change the disk.. xbox fail city!

  29. closure says:

    For someone who claims to be so familiar with the subject, I’m surprised you have never encountered compression artifacts.

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