Xbox 360 & PS3 Versions of Final Fantasy XIII Revealed To Have Differences

Final Fantasy XIII 360 - PS3 Difference

Whenever a new Final Fantasy title is released on current generation consoles, you can bet it’ll be a graphically impressive game.  The PS3s Blu-Ray disc should be able to handle whatever Square-Enix can throw at it, but it seems the Xbox 360 needs a little help in order to run Final Fantasy XIII.

In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Square-Enix reveals the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII will be shipped on a dual-layer Blu-ray disc due to the game’s massive size.  It will also have uncompressed media.  The Xbox 360 version will be shipped on multiple discs, which we knew already, but both the audio and graphics will be compressed.

When it comes to Final Fantasy games, I’ve always played them on Playstation, but with this new development, it seems like I have more of a reason to pick up the PS3 version over the Xbox 360. All the Chocobos in the world can’t save Microsoft from this news.


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