8 responses to “YesterGames Mini Review – Mega Man 9 Demo ~ PS3”

  1. Carlos Macias

    Get it, love it.

  2. jasper Cuningham

    yeah, seriously it was like mega man blu ball, not being able to take down Concrete man. Where’s the closure capcom?

  3. Will Snizek

    I think Mega Man needs closure. Before long, they will be releasing Mega Man 27. It’s like the Rocky movie series that never goes away. It peaked a long, long time ago but they keep revisiting the past without success.

  4. Juan Perez

    Rocky should have ended on 4. Mega Man on 2

  5. ManOfTeal

    No I think, like Rocky, Mega Man should have also ended at 4. That was pretty much the end of the NES reign at that point anyway.

  6. Ariel Otero

    i think it should have ended on the cartoon series and the only good mega man apperence is capcom cs marvel all other games suck wiht mega man in it, and wtf is up with 8 bit nostalgic crap going on, its like saying lets relive the 80’s yay aids epidemic here i come

  7. Will Snizek

    well I love 8-bit games still. Some of them take me back to a time where games were actually hard to beat and you had a sense of accomplishment when you finished off the final boss. At the same time, some 8-bit games need to be left in the past.

    Why haven’t they either re-released or remade Battletoads? That’s what I want to know. We get crap on XBLA and PSN like Domino Master and UNO, but they can;t get us Battletoads?

  8. Juan Perez

    I’m looking for Double Dragon meself. Fun, challenging and two-players!

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