PSN Will Resume “This Week”, Kaz Hirai Apologized

Sony has finally apologized for their actions. During todays “Apology” press conference held in Japan, Sony top dog Kaz Hirthe addressed the 10 day PSN outage. But also mentioned the PlayStation service will return this week. Interesting enough, there will also be a “welcome back” offer for all PSN subscribers. One that will see a free month of PS+ and a free software download.

The apology press event took place in Japan at 2 pm Sunday Tokyo time, or 1 am EDT on Sunday. Hirai, (pictured above), is representative corporate executive officer and executive deputy president of Sony as well as head of the game business. He was joined by Shinji Hasejima, senior vice president and chief information officer at Sony, and Shiro Kambe, senior vice president of corporate communications at Sony.

Hirai said the company is moving servers from San Diego, Calif., to a more advanced data center with better security. It is also installing more security systems with automated software management and enhanced levels of data encryption and better ability to detect data intrusions. The company is adding more firewalls too and it is adding a new chief information security officer, reporting to Hasejima. PS 3 will have a new system software update requiring users to change their user names and passwords. The password can only be changed on the same PS3 on which the account was created or via validated email.

To deter identity theft, the company is asking customers to be vigilant and check their credit card statements. Customers can check their purchase history on the PSN via Sony’s customer support system. Sony said it will not ask for credit card numbers and warned users to beware of possible phishing schemes sent via email. Sony will consider the cost of reissue of credit cards if consumers wish to do so. It will provide a complimentary offering for identity theft protection services in each affected country. The company will roll out a program with a selection of premium services for consumers. This “welcome back” content will have free downloads, and 30 days of free PlayStation Plus network service. Normally, Sony charges extra for the Plus service, while membership in the PlayStation Network is free.


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